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  • Non-Refundable Registration Fee
    $20 if received before August 1st, $25 thereafter

    Registration fees can be paid online using Intuit under the "Tuition" page or mail a check to:
    DAC P.O. Box 372537, Satellite Beach, FL 32937

    Student Information
    All students (including adults) are required to fill out a registration form.
  • LUMP SUM PAYMENT - Pay all ten months in August and receive a 5% discount on tuition (only). Lump sum payments will only be accepted as cash or check, no online credit card payments will be accepted. If the student is unable to complete the entire ten months, a prorated portion of the payment may be reimbursed. The lump sum discount only applies to students starting in August. A $45 reimbursement fee will apply to all accounts needing a refund. Email for a lump sum amount prior to making a payment.

    MONTHLY PAYMENT - Tuition will be due by the 1st of each month, payments received after the 10th will be charge a $15 late fee. The first payment must include 1st month’s tuition and a $20 non-refundable recital fee*. There will be a total of 10 monthly payments throughout the dance year (August-May). Tuition is due by the 1st of each month. Payments submitted on the 11th or after need to include a $15 late charge. Late fees will be strictly enforced and should be included on all late payment checks.Late payments that exclude the late fee charge will have the fee applied to their account and will be billed.

    • Tuition is expected regardless of the student’s attendance level. Payment is required to continue to reservethe students spot in his/her class(es). Students are encouraged to make-up any missed classes(es).
    • All payments need to be made out to Dance Arts Centre and mailed to the studios P.O. Box or submitted online via PayPal.
    • Tuition does not include recital or costume fees.
    • The $20 non-refundable recital fee will be applied towards the student’s costume payment for the recital held in June. NO recital fee for Tiny Tots.
    • Tuition is based on the academic year. There will not be a discount for holidays or breaks.
    Family discount available (this applies only to immediate family). 1st student is charged the full price; each additional child will receive 40% off on their tuition. Ex. 1st student 1 hr, $50 monthly, 2nd student, 1hr, $30 monthly, 3rd student, 1hr, $30 monthly.
  • I, being the parent/guardian or adult student stated above, understand that dance is a physical activity and that injuries can occur and I release Dance Arts Centre of any responsibility and all liability. If medically necessary, I give Dance Arts Centre the permission to administer and/or seek medical care for my child.

    I, being the parent/guardian or adult student stated above, understand that I am responsible for paying my child’s tuition and all other expenses incurred in a timely manner to Dance Arts Centre, and I will respect and oblige to the payment policy that has been set forth.

    I, being the parent/guardian or adult student stated above, understand that it is my responsibility to read emails, newsletters and studio posting, and will note important dates, including but not limited to studio closures, recital run-thru, recital dress rehearsal and recital.

    I, being the parent/guardian or adult student stated above, hereby consent that the photographs for which she/he posed (in class or extra-curricular) may be used by Dance Arts Centre, its assigns or successors, in whatever way they may desire. Furthermore, I hereby consent that such photographs, plates, and digital image files from which they are made shall be their property, and they shall have the right to sell, duplicate, reproduce in the form of advertising or otherwise publish and make other uses of such photographs and plates as they may desire – free and clear of any claim whatsoever on my part. Names will not be used.