• Tuition due by the 1st of each month. Payments submitted on the 11th or after need to include a $15 late charge. This policy will be strictly enforced!
  • Tuition is expected regardless of students attendance level. Payment is require to continue to reserve the students spot in his/her class(es). Students are encouraged to make-up any missed class(es).
  • All payments need to be made out to Dance Arts Centre.
  • Tuition does not include recital fees or costume fees.
  • The $20 non-refundable recital fee will be applied towards the students costume payment for the recital held in June.
  • Tuition is based on the fiscal year.

Family discount

Family discounts are available (this applies only to immediate family). 1st student is charged the full price, each additional child will receive 40% off on their tuition.

Ex. 1st student 1 hr, $50 monthly, 2nd student, 1hr, $30 monthly, 3rd student, 1hr, $30 monthly.

Time per Week Cost per Month Cost for Private Lessons
.50 Hours/Week $45/month $30/Session
.75 Hours/Week $50/month $45/Session
1.0 Hours/Week $55/month $60/Session
1.25 Hours/Week $60/month
1.5 Hours/Week $65/month
1.75 Hours/Week $70/month
2.0 Hours/Week $75/month
2.25 Hours/Week $80/month
2.5 Hours/Week $85/month
2.75 Hours/Week $90/month
3.0 Hours/Week $95/month
3.25 Hours/Week $100/month
3.5 Hours/Week $105/month
3.75 Hours/Week $110/month
4.0 Hours/Week $115/month
4.25 Hours/Week $120/month
4.5 Hours/Week $125/month
Unlimited $130/month

Pay Tuition Here

Please be sure to indicate the child’s name and purpose of payment.

Name & Payment Description

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