• Tuition due by the 1st of each month. Payments submitted on the 11th or after need to include a $20 late charge. This policy will be strictly enforced!
  • Tuition is expected regardless of students attendance level. Payment is require to continue to reserve the students spot in his/her class(es). Students are encouraged to make-up any missed class(es).
  • All payments need to be made out to Dance Arts Centre.
  • Tuition does not include recital fees or costume fees.
  • The $25 non-refundable recital fee will be applied towards the students costume payment for the recital held in June.
  • Tuition is based on the fiscal year.

Family discount

Family discounts is applied to all immediate family members. The discount is 20% off the total tuition bill.

Ex. 1st child $80 monthly for 2 classes, 2nd child $60 monthly for 1 class, total $140. Apply 20% discount for a total of $112 due.

# of Classes per Week Monthly Tuition/
Lump Sum Discount
Private Lessons
Tiny Tots ONLY $50 monthly/$403.75 lump sum $45 for 45 minutes private instruction
1 Class/Week $60 monthly/$484.50 lump sum $60 for 60 minutes private instruction
2 Classes/Week $80 monthly/$646 lump sum
3 Classes/Week $100 monthly/$807.50 lump sum
4 Classes/Week $120 monthly/$969.00 lump sum
5 Classes/Week $140 monthly/$1,130.50 lump sum
Unlimited Hours/Week $150 monthly/$1,211.25 lump sum

Donate Here – Tuition Payments ONLY accepted through Parent Portal